I was living in Germany in 2014 when the nation won the World Cup.
They have information screens on their public transport.

I wrote this song about the images of fireballs, razed homes and slain civilians
at the outbreak of Operation Protective Edge.

It began in Gaza on July 8th,
the same day Germany were beating Brazil 7 - 1 in the semi-final.

Horrific scenes were all over the news at half-time,
bookended by Budweiser's global-marketing campaign entitled Rise As One.

This Wednesday evening, Ireland’s Senate voted 25 to 20 in favor of legislation criminalizing imports from Israeli settlements.


Each Window Yours

the first time that i saw the plume amid a crowded u-bahn scene
a bulbous pixelated cloud, a firey photo filled the screen
secondly, a bar room night
the second half had yet to start
when up flashed once again the sight
rival rivals taking part

and while it was projected, i took a second look
started seeing differently the fire it made, the route it took

money in pocket
head in your hand
no one can tell you like a brother can
that they're not gonna save you, go feed off the kill
no one can lead you but I will

when saviours were thunder, the lightning I saw was never as frightening as this before
while you're still making sense of each duty to fill
no one believes you but I will

the third time that i saw the plume, it hit me like a closing door
images that filled my room were not ones i'd seen before

stupidly, i'd just presumed whoever fired the first attack
would know since crawling from the womb, the world has ways of fighting back
and while i was predicting that three would turn to four
i realised the voice i heard
wasn't speaking anymore about
blood in his pocket
or blood on my hands

no one can teach us how to understand
each screens a window
and each window is yours
in through each picture pours