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Certain holly leaves on certain holly bushes can tell if a deer is nibbling the lower leaves, so much so that the next growth of leaves become spikier nearer its base than at its peak. A holly leaf isn’t by its nature prickly, instead, it becomes pricklier when it needs to defend itself from nibbling deers. (Source)

I moved near a place where there was a chestnut tree. Not the kind of chestnut tree that you find all over Ireland, the horse chestnut, with its conkers waiting to be tied to a string and defeated.
No, where I moved to, there was a chestnut tree that deposited the type of chestnuts you can eat, the ones that on the streets of Paris I once bought with a friend, as much to keep our hands warm as to feed upon.

That day, with my friend in Paris, we ate mushrooms and visited a museum and it was a joy walking around admiring the framed creations, until one, one depicted a warring scene so well
that I could see the blood on the spattered-painted-pavement drying before my eyes.

It stayed with me. It is an example of a successful art. That artist arted the hell outta that painting.
Lots of ways to succeed but one is to convey horror to a tripping thirty-something with warm hands and a paper bag of chestnut shells.

What I Wouldn't Pay = literal
What I wouldn't Give = figurative

2. In relation to a dying wish :

Inspired by an afternoon of watching Fionnathan Presents: What Do You Love?

4. Whorled

5. Conflationary veins from a leaf-shaped tree.

6. Protection

7. Security for the ones you love.

8. Energy to spare

9. Vision

10. The Horizon

11. Pin your opinion

12. The branches soft and green (traditional)

I moved near a place where there was a chestnut tree.
I collected the chestnuts.

The tree knew;
dropped none the next year in the hope the boar below would go away.