Hi. So, here's the deal...
(There's a deal)
Here it is...

For the last while I have been having onscreen investigative chats with songwriters, each as contrastingly lovely, productive and constructive as the next.

I'm doing more throughout July. I have no gigs. I have an album written. I have no studio.
I like talking! So this seems like a worthwhile thing to do.

From Mid-March onwards,
I played 50 songs in 50 days on IGTV

investigative discussions seem to me to be a thing to do.

An unrecorded chat.
A workless shopless workshop.

One on one,
via Skype / Zoom / Google Hangouts / Whatsapp Video

Offering insights learned

Free one-off classes.

No Follow Up,
No Assessment

The 50 songs in 50 days can be used as reference:

and / or we can loosely, informally consider a number of topics:

Writing Techniques
Themes / Threads
Wittgenstein's What Meaning Means
Future Works

Let's put aside a couple of hours for a chat, tomorrow, next week, next month.

Ah lets.

Email: info@rhobcunningham.com


When is it broadcast?
It's never broadcast, it is just an onscreen chat about songwriting.

Who gets to see it?
Nobody, it is not recorded. It's just an investigative chat about the process of writing songs

Is there a follow-up?
No, it's just what it is and then after that, it's done!

What was it like writing 50 songs in 50 days?
Oof, that's not what happened. I sang a song every day. I wrote the songs over many weeks and months and years. I just played them as a way to stay sane at the start of lockdown.

Do I have to watch all 50 songs?
Nope. I will probably mention facets of some of the songs as conversation develops but there is no criteria regarding preparation for this onscreen discussion.

So who is this for?
I guess songwriters who think they'd benefit from such a thang.